Cross Media Case Study: Best Denki


Brand Truth and Grand Electrical Fair (GEF) 2010


To encourage Best Denki (who is a traditional print media advertiser) to reach out to existing and new customers via new media platforms, by offering a comprehensive media solution activated over multiple SPH media platforms.


Targeting at all Singapore residents, covering the three core segments of English-, Chinese- and Malay-literates


To increase the general awareness of Best Denki as the preferred brand and at the same time drive traffic and increase sales for its General Electrical Fair 2010


  • Eye-catching branding and tactical advertisements in large formats of full pages and centre spreads in major newspapers: The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, Lianhe Zaobao and Berita Harian to cut through the clutter and generate maximum awareness
  • An online campaign employing prominently placed News Rotator helped to proliferate the 5 “Brand Truths” messages on AsiaOne homepage. To announce the Grand Electrical Fair, Transitional Ads, News Rotator, Mini Rotator on AsiaOne homepage and homepage were used. EDMs were also sent out to targeted database.
  • The tactical Grand Electrical Fair campaign is featured on ST, STOMP and RazorTV apps on both iPhone and Android phone platforms to cater to the people on the go.
  • To add personalisation, 91.3FM Radio DJs hosted ‘Live Reads’ during prime Morning and Evening Drive-Times. Best Denki also bought heavily into commercial spots and traffic updates on 91.3FM and Radio 100.3



The launch of the campaign was helmed by a series of branding messages called the ‘Brand Truths’ in The Straits Times. These ads portrayed different electronic products sold at Best Denki stores, with a quote from a user and ending with the message ‘Those who know, know Best’. The series of five branding advertisements ran over days in the national daily


The SPH integrated media campaign resulted in increased traffic to Best Denki stores and sales increased 17% compared to the previous year. These positive results have encouraged Best Denki to explore more opportunities to work with SPH to maximise their media investment and improve their return on media investment.