Drink it up and catch movie premieres with 91.3FM!

Adding on to its signature party event, Must Drink Friday, 91.3FM has conceptualized a new event that will cater to the movie-lovers among its listeners. Partnering with Cathay-Keris Films, the 91.3FM Premiere Exclusive is a monthly movie outing for listeners to win preview tickets and catch blockbuster movies before it opens to public.  

The recent Must Drink Friday in March was sponsored by Sony Entertainment Television to promote their Channel 20 TV series including Top Chef, House and Ringer (starring Michelle Gellar). The theme of the party was tied to Ringer where listeners had to dress as identical twins. The best dressed couple won two Sony Nex 5 cameras as the grand prize. Hosted by 91.3FM DJs Jeremy Ratnam & Maddy Barber, an estimate 200 listeners turned up for the night.

The inaugural launch 91.3FM Premiere Exclusive on 21 March was held in conjunction of the worldwide premiere of THE HUNGER GAMES, one of 2012’s biggest movies. 91.3FM listeners attended in full force to attend its exclusive screening.

So for those who are not too excited on drinks and party, 91.3FM Premiere Exclusive will certainly be the next hot favorite to watch out for!