Pat Lim keeps her conscience clear at work

Pat Lim, Managing Director of UM and Initiative, Singapore was awarded Media Person of the Year at the Singapore Media Awards 2008 and was the Chairman of Audit Bureau of circulation (ABC), championing accountability of publishers to advertisers. She was one of the 3 nominees of Singapore Womens’ Weekly Great Women of our Times in the Arts and Culture category.

She prides herself as the modern Asian woman with traditional values, juggling home and career armed with a sense of humour, good time management and a clear conscience.

1. The role of media agencies is evolving with times, how do you see that change continuing in the future?

New forms of media such as digital are still evolving everyday, so we will probably see a greater emphasis on digital capabilities in the future. It’s our role to keep ahead of the trend and it’s something we pride ourselves on at IPG Mediabrands.

Media agencies are pressured to keep up their competitive edge in harnessing the assets of more traditional media in futuristic ways, in an effort to truly evolve into a new breed of media specialists that offer quality solutions with proprietary capabilities that no one-stop shop can offer. Agencies will continue to evolve with each new piece of technology providing us with new ways to connect brands with consumers and to better serve our clients.

2. With the plethora of media options, how do you stay ahead of times?

One timeless value that we can all abide by is simply this - For the role of the media agency to remain relevant and indispensable to marketers, we need to constantly add value to what we do and stay ahead of the curve. Anyone can claim to do media in this day and age, but without securing talent, insights, research, tools and technology that stay ahead of current times, we will be phased out and rendered irrelevant eventually. We work hard to ensure our agency is consistently at the forefront of both emerging technology and upcoming trends in order to stay relevant in an alarmingly fast moving market.

3. What defines a good media strategy?

The best strategies always stem from great ideas and execution, but ideas are only strong when they are derived from a salient insight of the consumer we wish to target. It is less about what media they consume, and what demographic they fall under, but rather what was that defining human truth that managed to successfully penetrate beyond the media space. The space itself is passive unless we can utilise it in an effective way that challenges everyday assumptions.

4. What are your guiding principles at work?

Always keep an open mind. Work hard and smart. Do unto others what you would like for yourself. Make right decisions, not easy ones.

And more importantly, having a clear conscience so you will always walk with your head held high.



"Do unto others what you would like for yourself."