New entertainment websites launched to attract youths

The AsiaOne Network Team held its Digital Network event at Shaw Lido theatre to introduce the two latest entertainment websites – ST Entertainment Communities ( and ST Lollipop (

Enthusiastic advertisers and advertising agencies turned up for the launch which tied in with a special preview of the blockbuster movie SKYFALL.

ST Entertainment Communities is a user community website which allows readers and interest groups to contribute their views, reviews, photos and videos published alongside the reports by journalists. 

The site is managed by The Straits Times Online team with the aim to create a "social hangout" for 4 interest groups: movies, music, TV and show, as well to engage the youths and young adults online.

Ernest Luis, ST social media editor said: “Readers can share cool entertainment ideas, thoughts and items with us. It's not supposed to be totally dominated by the news site's stories.”

ST Lollipop, a site managed by the STOMP, also aims to target the youths and young adults. Unlike the usual entertainment websites, the content on ST Lollipop is tailored to the Singapore audience and those around the region. It places emphasis on Asian entertainment, including K-Pop, J-Pop, Mandopop and even Bollywood news. 

Azhar Kasman, Deputy Editor of Stomp, said: “The response has been good since the website was soft launched. The page views are very encouraging and we are confident that the site will do even better as it gains popularity.”

Willy Tan, AVP of Strategic Development from SPH Interactive Business Unit added: “The new entertainment websites, together with in-built social network elements, strengthen our suite of platforms, especially addressing the younger and young-at-heart audience.  I'm confident they will be well-received by our advertisers and agency partners."

Advertisers who are keen to explore placing online ads in the newest entertainment websites can either visit or contact Anson Tan, Head of Sales, IBU at, or tel: 6319 2036, or hp: 9834 9100.