Pizza Hut’s Juliana Lim believes that there is no right or wrong in marketing

Juliana Lim is Senior Marketing Director of Pizza Hut Singapore.  She is a highly passionate marketer, having more than 18 years consumer marketing experience in FMCG & F&B, and with track record of various successful brands to boot.  Among them, the French cosmetic brand “Bourjois”, the "Kiwi" range of household care products, the "Marigold" range of beverages and lifestyle products, the "Anlene" milk brand, and her current "Pizza Hut" brand which she carefully nurtured and grew to one of the leading casual dining restaurants today.  She was awarded the prestigious “Marketer Of the Year” Award in 2011 at the Singapore Media Awards.  

a) What are the most challenging aspects of your job? What causes you the most anxiety?
I believe the key motivation that drives me is the ability to create products that make a difference and have positive impact on others - be it a tangible product benefit or an unforgettable brand experience.  The constant need in staying ahead, being different from other similar products, maintaining relevance with the ever changing consumer market and getting consumers to love your brand are always challenging, but also exciting for me. 

b) What do you consider your greatest achievements in F&B marketing thus far?
There are the various industry awards for the "Pizza Hut" brand, which are recognitions of what was done positively for the brand by my team.  Among the awards are:
Effie 2010
-  Bronze Effie Award for Pasta Perfetto “Taste & Tell” Campaign

SMA 2010
-  “Best Experiential Marketing” Award for Pasta Perfetto “Taste & Tell” campaign

-  “Best Strategic Thinking” Award for Pasta Perfetto “Taste & Tell” campaign
-  “Best Integrated Marketing” Award for Pasta Perfetto “ Taste & Tell campaign”
-  Grand Prix (Mindshare/Pizza Hut) 2010
Markies 2011
-  “Best Social Media Campaign” Award for Cheesy 7 Guru campaign.

SMA 2011
-  “Marketer of the Year” Award.

I would consider my greatest achievement to be being conferred “Marketer of the Year” Award by SMA in 2011.  And kudos to my team, media and agency partners, I could not have achieved this without their support and endorsement.               

c) What is the best career advice that someone has ever given you?
Someone once told me that to be a good marketer, one needs to keep an open mind and listen.  This is what I have been practicing as I believe there is no right or wrong in marketing.  To me, a good marketer and leader is never bothered by who came up with the idea but rather inspire others to bring to life the idea that is relevant and meaningful to consumers.

d) What do you enjoy most about your job, your career?
I get to eat free pizzas and lots more.  Ok, seriously, I think having the room to drive many new marketing initiatives, meeting people from all walks of life and building camaraderie with the people I work with are what I value of my current job.

e) If you hadn't been in this line, what would you be doing?
I always have dreams of running my own business and be an entrepreneur of some sorts. If I can find an investor, I will probably start a children education business or run an F&B business.