Cross Media Insights Case Study - Panasonic Viera Smart TV

Campaign Rationale:

Being in the blooming age of digital advertising, Panasonic was searching for something ‘out-of-the-box’ which can help to strengthen the branding of their Viera Smart TVs.

With the newly launched ST iPad App in 2012, Gecko took a bold move to leverage on the capabilities of the App to place an Ad which could showcase the key functions of Viera in a new and unique manner.

Making use of the interactivity that the App offers, readers were allowed to toggle around with the Ad, and experience the functions of a Viera Smart TV on screen.

Furthermore, the TVC and links to the webpage were embedded onto the Ad as well, allowing interested readers to conveniently find out more about Viera.Together with a series of Print Ads, this effectively acted as a holistic coverage to the entire campaign, and it gives readers a chance to ‘See, feel, and touch’ Viera itself.


As the figures shown, the ad in ST iPad Ad together with ST Print Ads, turned out as a successful campaign which helped Panasonic VIERA reach out to over 1,300,000impressions. Through this campaign, Panasonic VIERA achieved a substantial increase in their sales and market share.

With the expertise of Gecko’screative solutions, the Digital Ad garnered a total of 6,837 clicks, equivalent to a Click thru Rate of 0.5%.