The trade previews the revamped The New Paper

The New Paper (TNP) will hit news-stands on 3 October with a revamped, revitalized and refreshed version. A preview of the new look was given to more than 200 advertisers and trade partners at The New Paper Revamp Trade Launch held at Bacchanalia Restaurant on 18 September.

TNP will go “more local, more vocal, more social”, with Dominic Nathan, The New Paper Editor saying  that “the refreshed TNP will be even more different, with its hyper-local approach, its robust voice and its interaction with readers.”

The revamped TNP will present a seamless flow of news from cover to cover, with a daily sports pull-out and on every Wednesday there will be a new weekly magazine, M covering Movies, Music and Makan (Malay for “eat”) and More. This replaces the current First and Loud segments on Wednesday and Thursday.

The fresh approach comes after extensive research carried out with readers and a select group of “super consumers” of news. TNP also engaged former-architect-turned-award-winning-design consultant from Europe, Mr Jacek Utko to lend his expertise in this revamp.

The advertisers who had a first look at the revamped TNP welcomed the changes.

Mr Daniel Teo, chief operating officer, Watson’s Personal Care Stores said: “The new look is certainly more modern. With pullouts, it’s catered to readers of different groups. So in terms of commercial application, it’s certainly more functional – you don’t have people fighting for certain prime spots.”

Mr Simon Leong, vice-president (Corporate Services), Singapore Turf Club said: “I think the trinity (of Local, Vocal, Social) is good. It’s more focused… so every time you buy the New Paper, you know what you are going to get.”

Enjoy some of the event’s best moments that have been captured on camera here and on video here.

Look out for the revamped TNP issue on 3 October! Click here to find out more on the advertising opportunities.